Rapid Response

This service provides 2 Security Officers in normal situations, however with the development of an integrated security plan, areas will be identified were additional teams and or manpower should be deployed. Teams are strategically stationed in zones to respond to alarms. When an alarm triggers it sends a signal to our 24 hour control who then verifies with the client and if necessary a reaction team is dispatched. Importantly the team will also proactively deploy in relationship with intelligence.

Reaction Security Officers will be trained to manage the crime scene as first officer on the scene, this is vital to ensure no evidence contamination takes place. Keep in mind the better we preserve the crime scene; the more evidence is usable in court.

In order to provide a service to satisfy the client needs, the following equipment will be deployed with the reaction team:

    • Vehicle with tracking system (GPS) and two way radio communication
    • Panic button, Flash Light and Bolt cutter
    • Crime scene tape and Toolbox / Pocket Incident Book and Fire Extinguisher
    • Handcuffs, Button Stick, Pepper Spray and ladder
    • Identification card (Company ID) and Duty Card
    • Emergency contact numbers and the Standing Instructions

Rapid Response Training

Due to rapid changes and the nature of our industry, continuous training and development is our key focus. In addition to our initial in-house guard training, all our guards go through mandatory quarterly refresher courses and customer service seminars. We occasionally invite our clients as guest speakers during our refresher course training.

Regardless of the minimum training done, it is our principle that more specific training related to the project is required to ensure quality service. For this reason our guard training is also customized to client need before deployment.

    • Advanced Firearm Training
    • Tactical Firearm Training
    • And/or SWAT training
    • Hostage situations
    • Close Combat techniques
    • Crime Scene Management
    • Reaction Service training
    • Fire Fighting
    • First Aid training
    • OHS
    • Induction training, including:
    • Company specifics
    • Legal aspects
    • Public Relations
    • ID of suspects
    • Surveillance counter surveillance
    • Job Descriptions
    • Client SOP’s
    • On the Job Training ( after deployment)

Re-training and/or refresher training will be on a monthly basis. All training files will be available for the client to inspect, at any time on the request of the client. Client specific training files will be kept electronically for verification purposes. With regards to Firearm Training, all members will attend by-monthly training programs.