The security field uses three different types of identification:
Something You Know — a password, PIN, or piece of personal information (such as your mother’s name)
Something You Have — a card key, smart card, or token
Something You Are — a biometric
Of these, a biometric is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It can’t be borrowed, stolen, or forgotten, and forging one is practically impossible
  • Speed – operation in seconds
  • Decentralization…relatively inexpensive and requires no trained or skilled operating personnel.
  • Ultravalidity – not susceptible to forgery or theft
  • Convenience – no need to carry identity cards or similar items
  • Uniqueness – the same trait will not appear in two people

Common Types of Access Control

Tags & Cards
Pin Codes
Biometric Systems
– Fingerprint
– Face Recognition
– Voice Recognition
– Iris/Retinal
– Signature
– Palm Print
Stand Alone System
Intelligent System
Access Levels
Gate Automation
Intercom System‘s
Boom gates
Single booth Mantrap
Double booth Mantrap

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